Ken Sparks

Philadelphia based Front End Developer.

My Resume

About Me

Hi, I'm Ken Sparks. I'm a Front-End developer out of West Philly. I currently work as a Director of Client Services by day and sharpen my skills as a Dev by night. I've completed an apprenticeship with Superfriendly Academy as well as the Front End Developer bootcamp with Nucamp. Most recently I've worked on a project with SouthLeft and Superfriendly building front end components for the Superfriendly design systems website.

Outside of dev work I enjoy spending time with my family, watching movies, playing board games, watching sports and reading comic books.


I'm currently looking for remote Front-End development opportunities. I'd like to work on diverse projects that present new challenges. The opportunity for me to use the skills that I have and also acquire new skills is very important to me.



Dan Mall

Ken’s the kind of developer everyone should have on a team: funny, has a big heart, and doesn’t back down even from the most intimidating challenges. You’ll be better off from working with him.

Dan Mall ~ Superfriendly

TJ Pitre

Ken and I collaborated on a complex, component based front-end architecture for a large-scale enterprise content platform. We tag teamed on building out the front-end foundational patterns that comprise the larger design system. I was very impressed with his skills and very much enjoyed working with him. Due to his combination of skills I believe he will be successful in whatever project he's a part of.

TJ Pitre ~ SouthLeft