Ken Sparks

About Me

Hi! My name is ⚡ Ken Sparks ⚡ and I'm a Philadelphia based Frontend Developer.

The experiences I've gained from contracting and working full time with agencies has equipped me to be a valuable member of a team seeking to bring responsive designs to life.

Whether it's building components from a design library or completing full templates/pages I'm confident that I have the skills to complete the task at hand. Furthermore, web development is an ever evolving art and I am always seeking to learn new practices as well as sharpen skills I've already acquired.

Front-end development allows me to be creative when building user friendly and aesthetically pleasing webpages. I enjoy building sites that I would be excited and proud to put out into the world.

Agencies I've Worked With


My goal is to work for a company where I can build diverse projects while growing my skills and depth of knowledge in Javascript, React JS and As always I am open to learning new technologies as well.

Outside of Work

When I'm not working on web development I'm spending time creating memories with my family, watching movies with my friends or reading one of the over 1100 graphic novels or 1000+ comic books I've collected over the years.

Development Experience


Dan Mall

" Ken's the kind of developer everyone should have on a team:funny, has a big heart, and doesn't back down even from the most intimidating challenges. You'll be better off from working with him. "

Dan Mall, CEO / Founder ~ Superfriendly

TJ Pitre

" Ken and I collaborated on a complex, component-based front-end architecture for a large-scale enterprise content platform. We tag-teamed on building out the front-end foundational patterns that comprise the larger design system. I was very impressed with his skills and very much enjoyed working with him. Due to his combination of skills and his thoroughness, I believe he will be successful in whatever he endeavors to do. "

TJ Pitre, Owner / Lead Web Designer ~ SouthLeft

Mark Llobrera

" Ken is a talented dev with a strong work ethic, good communication skills, and drive to get better. He is goal-oriented, detail-focused, and a good teammate.

I've gotten to see Ken work across different types of projects, focusing on clean markup and scalable CSS in responsive layouts. He's worked on big CMS builds and modern JAMStack architectures (React/Gatsby + Storybook). His work helped his teams ship features on time and on budget.

As Ken's direct manager I was impressed with Ken's ability to absorb new skills and put them into practice immediately. I also got to witness his care for his teammates—his willingness to jump in and help was essential to keeping his projects on track.

Ken would make a great addition to any team, and I recommend him without reservations. "

Mark Llobrera, Head of Technology ~ Bluecadet

Yasmeen Fahmy

" Ken is a thoughtful and efficient front-end developer who thrives in an agile project environment. I got to experience his dedication and polish first-hand over several months on our project team at Bluecadet. I know the team would be delighted to work with him again and I highly recommend him for any role he pursues! "

Yasmeen Fahmy, Digital Project Manager ~ Bluecadet

Morgan Foust

" Ken is a very talented and motivated developer with a strong attention to detail. As a designer, I appreciated his communication skills during production. Using designs from Figma, Ken crafted responsive web pages that our clients were always extremely excited about. He's always willing to push boundaries and learn new techniques, and he would be an asset to any team he joins. "

Morgan Foust, Senior Designer ~ Bluecadet

Amy Frear

" Ken is a talented, thoughtful, and invested developer. His care for detail leads to beautiful work. Collaborating with Ken is a joy because of his warmth, kindness, and generosity. I am proud of the projects we worked on together and grateful to have worked with such a supportive and creative teammate. "

Amy Frear, Development Apprentice ~ Bluecadet