Ken Sparks

About Me

My name is ⚡ Ken Sparks ⚡ and I'm a Philadelphia based a Front-end developer.

I use the skills I’ve learned from studying development through tutorials, mentorship, and a Front-end developer bootcamp to collaborate with companies on freelance Wordpress and Reactjs projects.

Front-end development allows me to be creative when building user friendly and aesthetically pleasing webpages. I enjoy building sites that I would be excited and proud to put out into the world.

My most recent projects have included working on teams for a Superfriendly/SouthLeft collaboration on SuperFriendly's Design Systems Website and a project with Shadow To Shine helping to fill out their component libraries for custom themed websites in both instances.

Currently, I'm working with Progress Labs on a project where I am building components for

When I’m not working on web development I’m spending time creating memories with my family, watching movies with my friends or reading one of the over 700 graphic novels or 1000+ comic books I’ve collected over the years.


My goal is to work for a company where I can build diverse projects while growing my skills and depth of knowledge in WordPress and Reactjs. As always I am open to learning new technologies as well.

Development Experience


Dan Mall

Ken’s the kind of developer everyone should have on a team: funny, has a big heart, and doesn’t back down even from the most intimidating challenges. You’ll be better off from working with him.

Dan Mall ~ Superfriendly

TJ Pitre

Ken and I collaborated on a complex, component based front-end architecture for a large-scale enterprise content platform. We tag teamed on building out the front-end foundational patterns that comprise the larger design system. I was very impressed with his skills and very much enjoyed working with him. Due to his combination of skills I believe he will be successful in whatever project he's a part of.

TJ Pitre ~ SouthLeft